Yes. For too long our elected representatives have imposed their own personal agendas on the communities they were elected to represent. That will not change unless we elect people who make a commitment to put aside their own personal views and represent the community as a whole. We will be supporting candidates who are prepared to make that commitment.
There are many ways you can help return democracy to our local councils If you are able to volunteer some time then please get in touch with us. Alternatively, you may like to make a donation towards our campaign advertising costs. Every donation is appreciated and even a small donation goes some way to spreading the very important message that in a democracy every voice matters. Our bank account number is: Democracy Northland ASB Bank 12-3238-0590622-00. Please contact John Bain, john@democracynorthland.co.nz, phone 021 961 894 or ph 021 718 478
Whangarei District Council: Councillors Shelley Deeming (Bream Bay Ward), Jayne Golightly (Denby), Greg Martin (Hikurangi – Coastal), Vince Cocurullo (Okara), Phil Halse Connop (Okara), Simon Reid (Mangakāhia-Maungatapere). Northland Regional Council: Terry Archer. Kaipara District Council: None.
Whangarei District Council: Mayor Sheryl Mai, Councillors Greg Innes (Deputy Mayor / Whangarei Heads), Ken Couper (Bream Bay Ward), Gavin Benney (Denby), Tricia Cutforth (Denby), Anna Murphy (Hikurangi – Coastal), Carol Peters (Okara), Nicholas Connop (Okara). Cr Murphy voted against receiving (!) the petition signed by 5133 electors asking the WDC to hold a referendum. Northland Regional Council: Councillors Jack Craw (Whangārei Urban), Colin Kitchen (Te Hiku), Amy Macdonald (Coastal Central), Martin Robinson (Coastal North), Penny Smart (Kaipara) , Rick Stolwerk (Coastal South) and Yeoman (Coastal North). Kaipara District Council: Mayor Jason Smith, Councillors Mark Vincent (Otamatea), Anna Curnow (Otamatea), Victoria del la Varis-Woodcock (West Coast/Central), Karen Joyce-Paki (Dargaville), David Wills (West Coast-Central), Eryn Wilson-Collins (Dargaville).
Postal voting opens 16 September and close 8 October. Preliminary results: 8 October. Nominations open 15 July 2022 Nominations close 12 August 2022


They can be downloaded and printed from the following links:
If you live in Whangarei, please sign the WDC and NRC petition BELOW.

Whangarei District Council Petition Coordinator:

If you live in Kaipara, please sign the KDC and NRC petition BELOW.

Kaipara District Council Petition Coordinators:

If you live in the Far North, please sign the NRC petition BELOW.

Northland Regional Council Petition Coordinator:

Please mail the petition forms to Democracy NorthlandPO Box 334, Whangarei 0110. Or alternatively you can scan or photograph the form and email to: info@democracynorthland.co.nz.